It is your wedding, make it fun from start to finish.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's get it rolling.

Hello and Welcome!

Look! You found my blog, or what there is of it . Let me give you some sort back story and if you like me a little maybe you will stick around and see what comes of this whole idea.

First, I am a "bride to be" I guess you would say. I got engaged to the guy that makes me laugh last February. Since then I have been planning my little behind off and reading as many blogs as I could find. Blogs are great, I am a HUGE fan. I have found this little community of (mostly) women that like to do things their own way. They try to stick to their hearts, their ideals and their budgets. These ladies have given me ideas galore and now that I am in the midst of my journey, the part where I am actually DOING not just dreaming and randomly thinking “this might be cute, maybe” I want to write about it, link to it and share it will those of you that will have me. I am going to be posting our ideas, DIY projects, and general concepts. I also want to post ideas and links that I have found and think that others might find helpful.

But here is my mantra, my overall concept. This should be FUN. I love to plan, I love brainstorming and figuring out how to work all my ideas in a fun and interesting way. I want my wedding to be a PARTY. But no matter what your wedding vision is it should be a wonderfully fun time in your life from start to finish. I am not saying that we don’t all have our moments of panic, but remember what you here for; love, pure and simple. So how are you going to celebrate your love? I hope that you have fun figuring it out. I know I will.

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