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Friday, September 18, 2009

Making a list

A while back my crafty mother and I made a list of all the wedding projects. A timetable of sorts, just so that we can roughly figure out when it is all going to get done.

The list was LONG, the list was DAUNTING, and basically nothing got done about it. Well, that is not exactly true. We bought stuff. We bought ribbon, we got fabric for my purse and the ring bearer pillows, we got bamboo sticks for the wedding wands. But all that stuff is sitting in boxes in my garage, my basement and my mom's office.

One thing that we also bought at the time were votives. We went to Save On Crafts and found a great deal on votives with candles included. .39 each!! I mean who can beat that? But better than that we have used them more than once!

These candles were first used at my sister's graduation party. (insert picture)

Then 2 weeks later my mom wrapped a different ribbon treatment around them and they were used at my engagement party. (insert Picture)

But now they have undergone a complete makeover! We have etched them for the wedding. (insert pictures)

I will post an etching how to but isn't it neat? One purchase of votives, three uses! How thrifty are we?

What items for your wedding are you planning on using more than once?

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