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Friday, September 18, 2009

You should blog that!

"You should blog that" My mother says it to me everyday.

Every time that we have an idea, a perfect idea the one that you know that you were just waiting to stumble upon. The idea that fits *YOU* to a T and suddenly the search stops and you KNOW what your invites will look like or what your table centerpiece will be or how exactly that other detail will fall into place. A second later I hear, "You should blog that. "

Now, you may have noticed, dear blogasphere, that I said WE have an idea. and yep, that is right, WE. My mom and I. My mom and I have had ups and downs but I think that we have finally found our groove and this wedding is certainly playing up on that.

I am very very lucky to have this crafty lady by my side becuase together we make an awesome team. She thinks of things, I think of things, we sit in a room and they MELD. She is crafty and perfectionist in all that craft. She can do math and cut and measure and all that kind of stuff. She says, "Look we have an issue with the pocket folds, we will need 11x17 inch paper to make the fold." and then we can't find pretty 11x17inch paper..... so I do my part and think then I say..."Well, why don't we use ribbon." and there it is. like a POW of lighting and WE know what we are going to do.

So thanks mom. thanks a TON.

(Don't get me wrong, I run home to the future hubby and ask what he thinks, but he just looks and says, "Yep, that color works for me")

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